The Elysian: Eighth Dream

I hear something. Something behind me. It starts low, like a gentle hum. But it grows as we move, getting louder and more violent. I stop and turn just for a second, just to see what follows us. Immediately, I realize the mistake, and seeing the dark cloud following us, I figure out pretty quickly what he summoned.

The Elysian: Seventh Dream

I don\'t know where we\'re running to, or what nasty tricks he\'ll throw at me along the way. He\'s right though, I did just kind of agree to this without thinking. Barely two minutes in, and I already got myself into a bit of a mess. This sideways forest, and the man who challenged me are complete mysteries. How do I know if I can keep up?

The Elysian: Sixth Dream

I drop to the ground, er, tree and clutch it for my dear afterlife. Did I really just make that joke? I\'ve been here far too long. I go from an innocuous room, to the middle of the universe and now I\'m in a sideways forest. When do I get to the tea party?

The Elysian: Fifth Dream

She raises a hand and snaps her fingers. In the flash of a cosmic loading screen, we’re in orbit around a familiar blue marble. The oceans gently move beneath me, as the cloud swirl over familiar continents. Somewhere on that planet is home. If I can’t find a way to get back in my body, I’ll have to remember this way back to this place.

The Elysian: Fourth Dream

“I have to find Earth? Doesn’t that seem a little bit...” “Impossible? Of course,” Luna tells me. “But then you’ve pointed out all the impossible things you’ve seen today. Why…

The Elysian: Third Dream

\"It happened both fast and slow. Like raising a dimmer switch, but the light was always on in the first place. The twinkling lights, swirling dust, explosions of light and balls of fire whizzing by, all suspended in a field of literal nothingness.\" - Mr. Rodriguez

The Elysian: Second Dream

I scream as Death had snuck up behind me. Again. “I apologize for the surprise, but you seemed puzzled.” My heart is racing in my chest. How often do I…

The Elysian: First Dream

I could swear I feel him slink into the room. He’s quick. If I weren't so focused on this little space I've been trapped in for what feels like a…