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Thank you for visiting my little website. I hope you like stories!

There are five ongoing tales, with two random episodes for any of them uploaded each week. If you want to get started, select one from the menu at the top of the screen!

We have supernatural worlds in the adventures of Archibald Branner and Seeking Dusk. The Elysian is a little more mind bending.

You could also visit an alternate history Earth in the newest story, Neon Noir, which takes place in a futuristic 1920s prohibition.

And finally, if something less fantastical is more your speed, Mild Mannered follows a young man as he tries to follow his dreams. Seven suitors vying for his affections complicate the matters though!

Once again, thanks for coming to Spades Fiction. I hope you enjoy it!

– Ben Acosta, AKA “The Author”