Seeking Dusk: Part 17

The flames on my blade flicker back and forth as I hold the weapon between the monster that stood before us, and Lord Zadkiel at my back. Despite standing there and talking to the air, the crowd around us paid no notice. For Zadkiel and I, this makes sense. We’re spirit beings, unable to be seen or heard by the general populace.

Our enemy doesn’t have that luxury. He is currently possessing a human and standing in the middle of the walkway. And yet, the other humans just seem to naturally walk around him, paying no attention to his conversation with the air.

The darkness behind his eyes searches over my body and turns to Lord Zadkiel.

“I can only guess why two halos tracked me down. Can only guess how. But I got more important things to do today, so if you’re gonna strike me down, go ahead and do it.”

The flame on my blade flares out as I prepare to do just as the demon suggested. However, before I could move, Zadkiel places his hand on my sword.

“That will not be necessary, Aluma. He does not seem to pose us a threat.”

“My lord?”

Zadkiel floats ahead of me, placing himself between the demon and myself. I can’t explain this calm coming from Zadkiel. He just effortlessly interjects.

“My name is Zadkiel. I’m a member of the Dominion of the Hosts. What might your name be?”

The flame on my blade extinguishes. I wish I knew what words to say, but nothing comes to mind.

To be fair, I’m not sure the demon knows what to say either. He looks a little surprised and takes a moment before answering.

“They call me Djall.”

“Djall?” Zadkiel says, a false sense of unfamiliarity in his voice. “Then I can only assume it’s prudent my friend put her sword away.”

The demon gives a smile.

“That’s right.” He extends his index finger, producing the smallest of flames. “She’d have given me more than a little help.”

“Truly we are so lucky.” Zadkiels’ voice drips in sarcasm, but it doesn’t seem to phase the demon. “Might I ask you a question?”

Djall looks us over, eyes shifting between the Dominion and myself. Then he smirks and takes a step back.

“What makes you think I want to answer?”

“I never said I wanted you to. Tell me, does Seir know you’re here?”

The shift is fast, as Djall’s eyes open wide, before his brow furrows into the middle of his face.

“…Don’t you dare mention that name.”

Zadkiel’s fox-like grin returns. He places his hands behind his back as he speaks.

“What? Your Prince? I’m sure Seir would love to know why you’re up here.”

The demon moves quickly, engulfing his hands in black flame. He raises them about to strike. My own reaction takes longer than I’d have liked, as I bring back the power in my blade and try to rush forward to block the attack.

We are both stopped as Zadkiel’s weapon materializes within the demon. The resplendent lance shines with the power of The Presence. The head of the weapon pokes through the demon, as the vamplate sits above Zadkiel’s hand. The sulfuric blood drips down the shaft before the demon’s body dematerializes into The Void.

Zadkiel withdraws the lance and looks it over as the human the demon was inhabiting collapses. As they do, the crowd around them notices the unconscious person for the first time. Someone yells to call for help and others check the human for a pulse.

“Zadkiel! You can’t just do that! The human might have been hurt.”

Seemingly satisfied with whatever he did or did not notice on his weapon, Zadkiel’s lance dissipates back into nothing.

“They’ll be fine. Besides, we needed to send a message.”

I look down at the human, as someone mentions that they’re breathing. Relieved that things seem to be okay, I continue my talk with Zadkiel.

“What kind of message involves sending a demon to The Void? No one can enter or leave that place.”

“No. But Seir will know Djall was sent there. More importantly, he should even be able to sense a powerful host sent him there.”

“You want Seir to know you killed Djall? What does that serve?”

Zadkiel seems self-satisfied with his plan.

“It means he’ll come looking for me.”


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