Seeking Dusk: Part 17

Our enemy doesn’t have that luxury. He is currently possessing a human and standing in the middle of the walkway. And yet, the other humans just seem to naturally walk around him, paying no attention to his conversation with the air. The darkness behind his eyes searches over my body and turns to Lord Zadkiel. “I can only guess why two halos tracked me down. Can only guess how. But I got more important things to do today, so if you’re gonna strike me down, go ahead and do it.”

The 19th Century Paranormal Investigator: Chapter 27

Surgat wasn’t going anywhere soon, so I left the demon be. We exited the study and my young ward led me through the house towards what I hoped was Lance's room. The upper corridors were still an unhelpful maze to me, but once we found the stairs down to the ground floor, Con had a much better time leading. I suppose he has spent more time stealing from this part of the house. The workers were much more cautious around me while Con was at my side. I suppose word of our battles had spread further. One would think our presence would calm them, seeing as we won both scrapes, but fear is rarely rational.

Seeking Dusk: Part 16

Zadkiel turns and starts walking out of the alley. I’m still a little stunned, but quickly recover and follow him as he turns onto the sidewalk. Despite being nearly intangible to the mortals on the path, I take effort to avoid colliding with them. Zadkiel on the other hand, walks right through, his own aura interfering in the thought processes of the humans. Not likely to be harmful, but it is a little rude.

Seeking Dusk: Part 15

\"The hosts piled out of the building, while I stood at attention. I thanked the good doctor for his help as they left. He finally looked me in the eye, and I could see more to his expression. He was scared. Terrified. I wish I could help, but all I could do is give him my own frightened look back.\"

Seeking Dusk: Part 14

\"It was exasperating at times, but at others, it was amusing to see such powerful beings amazed at the technological advancements of these humans. They sometimes forget, but Lucifer fell because he couldn\'t see their value. And it\'s best if more of my brethren could learn to understand these creatures.\"

The 19th Century Paranormal Investigator: Chapter 24

\"I try to push myself off the ground when I hear my protege crash into the beast. The sound of breaking wood tells me they landed on one of the fallen bookshelves. I can\'t waste too much time. I use my cane to pull myself back to my feet. Looking over, I see Con grappling with our unseeable enemy.\"

The 19th Century Paranormal Investigator: Chapter 23

My fingers just barely brushing against it, I curse my situation. I\'m not close enough. And I can feel the bookshelf wobbling beneath my grip. The shelf starts to lean over. I quickly adjust my weight, hoping to counterbalance it. The book-filled piece of furniture falls back into place. That was too close. All right, it\'s time to try something else. At that moment a deep and loud roar pierces the air. No. No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! NO!

Seeking Dusk: Part 13

If what I thought I saw in her before was anger, then there isn\'t a word to describe what she\'s showing now. The Power in her is leaking out, far more than she means to. And if this is but a fraction of her power, she is not someone I want to have for an enemy.