The Elysian: Fourteenth Dream

The wind kicks up around me, throwing dirt and leaves through the air. I squint and put my arms up to protect my face. The wind sounds like it\'s laughing. Something maniacal. “Wind, leaf, dirt and rock. Our dear mortal is in for a shock...\"

Seeking Dusk: Part 11

\"They were coming.\" \"They don\'t normally come down to earth. They normally speak directly with the Seraphim, Archangels and Principalities. Why they would come down to the planet is beyond me. Unless something were to threaten the very fabric from which reality is woven.\"

The Elysian: Thirteenth Dream

\"I soared on, the trees whizzing past us. This sideways forest was growing on me, no pun intended. After getting used to the insane spectacle of it all, it was an interesting thought. Do the birds fly like me? Or do they fly perpendicular to the ground? Which way will the water in the river flow?\"

Seeking Dusk: Part 10

The office still had all sorts of books and artifacts thrown about the room. The man might have acted all high and mighty, but he\'s one hell of a pig. His bookshelves are a different story. Each and every volume was specifically chosen. Each one contains some of the most important information we\'ve ever utilized. And a select few shelves contain the only pictures of friends and family he has. It\'s actually a little sad.

The Elysian: Twelfth Dream

I try to fly away, but I hear him strike again. There\'s no way to avoid it this time. I feel the vines snap around my leg. The jerk shakes my whole body. I try to become intangible again, but my heart is racing, and my emotions too ingrained to let go. I can\'t slip out of this. His whips retract and pull me toward the frightening visage that was his face. I see the vines move and squirm as it opens the gaping jaw he\'s made. He\'s gonna eat me!

Seeking Dusk: Part 9

I touch down right in front of him. He\'s thinking. Thinking about what happened here. About my words. He\'s trying to find a way to turn this around. To find a way I could have avoided violence. But he knows there is none. Humans. Ever hopeful.

The Elysian: Tenth Dream

He reaches into his pocket and brings out that which I had been seeking. The key was the same size as the other two, but it had a fragile look to it. Like it was made out of a fallen leaf. I had already caught on to the way this world is working, so I didn\'t question it, but I still had so much to ask the strange man before me.

Seeking Dusk: Part 8

In midair, I extend my free wings and quickly spin around, drawing my sword. Holding it out just in time, I block the bird from hitting me. He knocks me back a bit. Even without drawing on The Power, he shouldn\'t have been able to do that. Still, just a shrug.

The Elysian: Ninth Dream

“Well you see, mortal-” “DON\'T \'MORTAL\' ME! You jerk! What are you trying to do to me!?” “Now it is with a chortle-” “Stop with the rhyming! I\'m done with it. Why in the hell do you rhyme?!” He gives me a dirty look. Still not as scared of him as Luna, but I do have to remember he is the spirit of the forest. Best not to trifle with such beings.