Neon Noir: The Thirteenth Beat

Kegs still confused opens the bag and takes a peek. He’d never seen so many 20s. But on top is a little piece of paper that seemed to have “Don’t Kegs” scrawled in poorly written scratch. What game was little Vash playing? Whatever it is, he’d be sure to add it to her tab.

Neon Noir: The Twelfth Beat

Lady Vash had taken Mr. Shane’s drink rather than wait for a new one. She shooed one of the men off the stool and took the seat herself. If anyone would recognize Rupert, it’d be her. And yet, she also didn’t offer up Bella. “Rupert, you lost your charge and made a mess trying to get her back. Why should I think she’d be safe with you?”

Neon Noir: The Eleventh Beat

“And what happens when they come for you again? These people have so much money and they don’t care about killing you if they have to! You want to leave me alone?” Robert\'s voice gets quieter. \"That won\'t happen.\"

Neon Noir: The Tenth Beat

\"The apartment building loomed over him. He needed to go in, draw the attention of any hired goons watching and notify Vash so she can get the hidden cash. And no killing. Not that he had an issue with that last edict.\"

Neon Noir: The Ninth Beat

She looked around the party, trying to find Alessandro Gaudio, head of the Gaudio crime family in The City. Her contact said he should be relaxed in this setting and more apt to listen to her proposal. And yet, she didn’t dare leave her little corner of the room until she knew where he was. The minute she did, these men would be on her like a dog on a steak.

Neon Noir: The Eighth Beat

This ‘Arcadia’ though is different. It’s supposed to be the place anyone in the neighborhood can get a drink. It’s not just bringing the booze back to the little people, but it might be the place Robert can bring down to get more resources from the city.

Neon Noir: The Seventh Beat

Out back, behind the building in the alley, Vash’s mind started working on what she’d do out here. Even assuming Mr. Shane survived, she doubted he’d be able to get her car pulled around quickly. And if the attack ended up being more than the one man, she couldn’t wait around.

Neon Noir: The Sixth Beat

Ryan wasn’t sure what his boss heard on the other end of the line, but she seemed to freeze when the call connected. Her tone became far quieter, too quiet for Ryan’s curiosity to get the better of him. After a quick exchange, her bravado was back as she spoke.

Neon Noir: The Fifth Beat

“How was your nap, copper?” The thin one set his bucket upside down and sat on it. A little bit of the water dripped out under him. “Well, I woke up. Couldn’t have been all bad, I guess.”

Neon Noir: The Fourth Beat

As she moves throughout her morning ritual preparing the coffee, the notices a card out of the corner of her eye. It was plain. White. A series of numbers scribbled on the front. As her coffee brewed, Vash couldn’t keep her mind off it. When was the last time she dialed a phone number manually?