Seeking Dusk: Part 7

“You’re looking to stop a war, and will probably start one instead. What could I possibly want more than survival?” His phrasing intrigues me. I’m just here to hunt demons. What makes him think it will start a war? “A source of true obsidian.”

Seeking Dusk: Part 6

Rand went inside the building, while I sat on top of a neighboring roof looking down. We can’t risk any of them being strong enough to sense me, so I hide inside the false body. He gave me a little radio to listen to him inside, his silly gadgets proving useful for once.

Seeking Dusk: Part 5

Rand dropped his coat off at his apartment and met me at a diner he frequents. We sat in a booth near the back. While it’s unlikely anyone would purposefully listen in on our conversation, people who happen to overhear us talking of demons might get the wrong idea.

Seeking Dusk: Part 4

So, since the days of your ancestors, The Presence has guided people to crafting suitable humanoid figures for us to manipulate. You’re more than aware of them, but likely didn’t understand their true purpose. However, using these statues has become more and more difficult over the years. Humanity holds these in such high regard, we can’t just take them anymore. To help, Dr. Matthews has been special ordering components to make new ones. They’re cheaper than buying priceless art, but still difficult to come by.

Seeking Dusk: Part 2

My eyes open slowly as I come to. This is definitely not the alley. I squint around the room, but shades are blocking most of the light. As my eyes…

Seeking Dusk: Part 1

I can only imagine what it was like to see all of reality form in the beginning. There isn’t any evidence, but I’d like to imagine it’s much like leaving…