Seeking Dusk: Part 1

I can only imagine what it was like to see all of reality form in the beginning. There isn’t any evidence, but I’d like to imagine it’s much like leaving The Presence. One minute, you’re part of a massive consciousness of angel and god, the next, you are you. Complete

As the dimensional tunnel swirled around me with every and all colors at the same time, I felt the last bit of The Light leave me. It always felt so strange for it to be gone. More so than the sound of a symphony, the smell of your favorite food, or a piece of art leaving your short term memory. I couldn’t imagine it in my life at all.

I can only guess that this makes it easier to leave. Which is especially necessary as I may be gone a long time. Three demons had escaped into the human world and I was chosen to hunt them down. I dunno why they would risk escaping the pit so brazenly, but there wasn’t any kind of excuse. The punishment for escape is clear.

The tunnel of light around me began to dissipate. The Presence should have me land fairly close by the first of the demons. While I don’t have it now, in the collective we can see nearly all of the earth. It was this one poking its head out for a moment that made us take action.

Metal poles shot up around me, as concrete materialized and formed into buildings. The asphalt flowed down like a river, making the street. The entire physical world seemed to come into being, much as I did only moments ago.

The city was an impressive feat for these creatures. They had manipulated and built great structures to their own benefit. But with so many people here, the demon was not lacking in people he could hide in.

The bustling on the street goes right through me as I stretch out my wings. Humans have always felt so limited. They can’t see that which is right in front of them. They can’t feel that which is most important.

My wings flap and I ascend, overlooking the crowd. A demon could see me coming this way, but then he’d have to move, and I could feel when he does.

“No. No way it is that easy.”

Across the street is a shady looking guy. Slightly ragged clothes, wearing sunglasses, standing in the alley. He might be a drug dealer, might just be waiting for someone. But the darkness flowing off his person is palpable. It is so much more than even the worst human, but not at the level of the demons I’m looking for.

Still, I guess it’s my obligation to check it out. I glide across the street. A bus passes through me and kind of tickles. Just a bit. I fight the urge to smile though, as it’s hard to be intimidating to a demon when you’re giggling like an idiot.

I fly up, rather than directly approach. Not yet, anyway. I can sense a dozen or two humans in the vicinity. Most are in the buildings at his sides. Two are vagrants in the dumpsters behind him. None have the level of darkness he does. No one seems to be spying on him. No one could come to his aid.

Something isn’t right, but that there is an easy solution for that. I draw the sword on my back and light it up. A holy fire engulfs the blade as my own Light pours out. I don’t push it enough for my armor to form, but it shines off me very clearly. If there’s a demon down there, he should be afraid.

The man is still just looking around. I float to within a foot of him.

His head quickly turns and stops, looking right at me. He lowers his glasses, revealing the darkness behind him. He is possessed by a demon.

“Leave the human, foul one! You have no business with him.”

He laughs a dark cackle.

“Does that usually work? Yelling at the spirits? And here you were supposed to be a hot shot.”

I ignore his insult.

“I’m giving you a chance to go back quietly. Surrender now, return to the pit and-“

“You know that’s not happening,” he interrupts. “I know what you’re here for. So why not summon that armor of yours.”

“I won’t need it to handle you.” I ready my blade.

“Oh shit. You really can’t tell can you.” The man looks genuinely surprised. “Guess it really works.”

He lets out a laugh so disturbing I actually wince. What is he talking about?

“If you had half a brain, you’d have struck me down the moment you saw me. Guess it’s my lucky day.”

The spirit jumps out of his host, the human body collapsing on the floor.

It’s impossible. I’m looking right at it, but there’s no way this was the demon I had sensed inside the man. He was gigantic, easily three stories tall. The power wafting off him was ten times the darkness I felt.

The flam on my sword flickers for only a second.

“Die!” he screams as he swipes at me with his claws.

I try to move, but I’m a little too slow. Too taken in by surprise. His claws get a good hit, as I feel the warm blood running down my stomach. It’s a lot. More than it should be. He’s so strong though…

He laughs that horrible laugh that makes me so uneasy.

“I never thought it could be so simple! Fight back, host!”

His booming voice snaps me back into the moment. He goes to strike again, but this time I fly up, dodging the blow. I make him pay for this mistake, slicing at his arm. The yellow, sulfur smelling liquid that’s replaced his blood squirts out. It was a good cut. That arm will be out the rest of the fight.

He screams out in pain.

“You stupid bitch! I’m going to kill you!”

In tap into my Light more, pushing my Power further. I move blinding fast, shooting toward my foe like a bullet.

Three strikes is all it takes. Three strikes and a monster the size of a building falls.

He cries out in his death throes, as yellow ooze squirts everywhere.

The string of obscenities he shouts make me blush. I would never have considered something in that order. I’ll have to remember that.

For about 15 seconds, the alley is covered in the creature’s innards. I think I might nearly pass out from the smell.

Just as quick as my strikes, the parts of the beast dissolve. His body, his blood, everything. It all disappears into The Void where he’ll remain until the end days.

I release my Light. The glow fades from my body as the fire on my sword extinguishes. Strange. The smell is gone but I still feel off. Now why would-



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