Neon Noir: The Twelfth Beat

Lady Vash had taken Mr. Shane’s drink rather than wait for a new one. She shooed one of the men off the stool and took the seat herself. If anyone would recognize Rupert, it’d be her. And yet, she also didn’t offer up Bella. “Rupert, you lost your charge and made a mess trying to get her back. Why should I think she’d be safe with you?”

Seeking Dusk: Part 14

\"It was exasperating at times, but at others, it was amusing to see such powerful beings amazed at the technological advancements of these humans. They sometimes forget, but Lucifer fell because he couldn\'t see their value. And it\'s best if more of my brethren could learn to understand these creatures.\"

Mild Mannered: Issue #10

\"I don’t react to this though. I’m still too focused on the rising number on my profile. I have an audience now. There are going to be people looking at my art just because a stupid, haughty, well dressed stranger told them to. That’s pressure I don’t need.\"

The 19th Century Paranormal Investigator: Chapter 24

\"I try to push myself off the ground when I hear my protege crash into the beast. The sound of breaking wood tells me they landed on one of the fallen bookshelves. I can\'t waste too much time. I use my cane to pull myself back to my feet. Looking over, I see Con grappling with our unseeable enemy.\"

News: Updates and Delays

Hello everyone! I know, it's been a while since I've posted a new episode. My day job has gotten a little busy and I've had little time to work on…

The Elysian: Sixteenth Dream

I look around, doing my best to make sure I wasn\'t imagining things. Checkerboard tile, steel rod chairs, leather covered booths, pastel blue, and hot rod red. Yeah, I\'m in a 50\'s diner.

Neon Noir: The Eleventh Beat

“And what happens when they come for you again? These people have so much money and they don’t care about killing you if they have to! You want to leave me alone?” Robert\'s voice gets quieter. \"That won\'t happen.\"

The 19th Century Paranormal Investigator: Chapter 23

My fingers just barely brushing against it, I curse my situation. I\'m not close enough. And I can feel the bookshelf wobbling beneath my grip. The shelf starts to lean over. I quickly adjust my weight, hoping to counterbalance it. The book-filled piece of furniture falls back into place. That was too close. All right, it\'s time to try something else. At that moment a deep and loud roar pierces the air. No. No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! NO!